It starts with the idea that complete accessibility doesn't mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics. We specialise in flexibility of solution & our expertise is showcased in our work

We believe that intelligent design means


Finding a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional is where our passion lies. We are keen mechanical enthusiasts and have built our business providing excellent customer services for those who require total accessibility. With years of experience in the lifts industry, we balance our expert knowledge with a can do attitude.
Bespoke lift tailored to the building
True accessibility should not come at the expense of architecture and vice versa, so we tailor our lifts to match your building's aesthetics.
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Small lift for limited space
With smaller footprints and reduced pit and headroom requirements, our lifts can be installed in limited space, making them much more convenient for home use.
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Commercial Lifts
Our Commercial Lifts feature everything you would expect to find in a traditional passenger lift, but the hydraulic technology means a reduced pit and head room needed; the result of years of technical development.
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Lift over small flight of stairs
Designed for safe wheelchair accessibility over steps and small level changes, our platform lifts can be installed with low impact to the building's environment.
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