High Quality & Precision Lifts

In some situations, a made to measure purpose-built solution may be needed. Working with a specialist lift company, we can create bespoke made Through floor lifts that allow step-free access, without compromising on architectural design.
Bespoke Lift Cabin Embedded

Bespoke lifts

The team at Brothers Lifts work hard to ensure that every lift we install for our clients will solve all their current and future accessibility needs. We believe that true accessibility should not come at the expense of architecture and vice versa, so we offer bespoke lifts tailored to match your home design and look to blend our products into your home or business environment.

All our products offer great personalisation; you’ll find a range of choices in colour, finishes, and size. So whether you seek a lift for a few steps or six floors, we have the knowledge and experience to construct something beautiful for your accessibility requirements.

All bespoke lifts adhere to regulatory standards. Our ranges are fully compliant with European Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and EN-81-41.
For more information regarding our bespoke lifts, get in touch and our knowledgeable team will be able to guide you through choosing the right accessibility solution.
Platform Lift Altura Gold
Platform Lift Altura Gold
Platform Lift Altura Gold
Platform Lift Altura Gold
Bespoke Lift Closed Door
Bespoke Lift Open
Bespoke Lift Inside Cabin

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