Quality & Versatility

Our SLP range of lifts can be made bespoke for almost any application. Their robust design and multiple style options mean that the lifts can be installed with minimal aesthetic impact. The SLP range features some of the top technology available on platform lifts today such as automatic safety guards and wireless control panels.
Bespoke Lifting Platform
Stepless Platform Lift A
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This platform lift has upper and lower gates, along with a high rail. It can also have a ramp fitted instead of the lower gate.
SLP Model A
Stepless Lifting Platform B
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The SLP Model B is a bespoke lift which has a safety barrier wrapped around it with the entire solution built into a prefabricated pit in the ground.
SLP Model B
Stepless Lifting Platform C
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This lift is specifically designed to be used with applications where stairs are present. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and can function as a flight of stairs when not in use.
SLP Model C
Stepless Lifting Platform D
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The stepless SLP Model D lift is designed to be recessed into the floor without any railings. This helps to keep the lift discreet and flush to the floor.
SLP Model D
Stepless Lifting Platform E
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The SLP Model E platform lift is designed for use both indoors and outdoors where there are stairs present and visual impact kept to a minimum.
SLP Model E
Bespoke Platform Lift Wheelchair Access
Stepless Bespoke Platform Lift
Stepless Bespoke Platform Wheelchair Access

Our range of platform lifts are low
maintenance and extremely reliable.