Custom & Design

Our hydraulic lifts feature everything you would expect from a normal passenger lift. Styled and manufactured in Italy, these lifts have an endless combination of colours, finishes, and materials so they’re customised to suit their environment and your exact taste. Available in a wide variety of sizes means you can enjoy a fully customisable lift whether the application is a dwelling where space is at a premium or a large open plan commercial building.
Commercial Lift Upstairs

Custom Commercial Lifts 

Our Commercial Lifts are the results of years of technical research and development, resulting in functionality with stylish design and no compromise either way. Our lifts require very little structural interference due to their reduced pit requirements; in many instances they only need a 100mm deep pit, making them ideal for buildings with little room within the foundations. Due to the lack of building adjustments being made, our Lifts are a brilliant affordable solution to accessibility needs.

The aesthetics of the lifts are 100% customisable, meaning you can create a design that matches the style of your office or property, or indeed the architecture of your building, allowing for a seamless transition between design features and your accessibility solution.

Our elegant lifts are not just about style however, they offer easy and reliable movement between floors giving people with a loss of mobility, independence. We pride ourselves on our versatility which has allowed our lifts to integrate fully into the healthcare industry. We can provide private care homes and hospices with platform and passenger lifts, to resolve the critical issue of moving patients throughout the facility. Our team are sensitive to the locations they work in and aim to provide a comprehensive lift install with the least amount of disruption possible for staff, visitors, and patients.

Exceptional, Functional Design.
Commercial Lifts Ground Floor
Commercial Lift Stairs
Commercial Lift Custom Floor
Commercial Lift White
Commercial Lift Console
Commercial Lift Console
Commercial Lift Kitchen Side

Although beautiful,
these lifts aren’t just style over substance.