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The Perfect Team

With their collective knowledge and experience working on site, the three Brothers are able to provide you with a complete lift installation experience. Unlike other companies where your customer journey can be passed between different departments from sales through to the install team, they are with you the entire way to ensure that avoidable problems are dealt with as soon as they are identified.

JASON - The Electronics Expert - Armed with his electrical testers and a fistful of jumper cables, Jason can diagnose most electrical problems, integrate bespoke lifts into building security systems or even convert an antique lift car using modern components. With years of experience in lift installation, his knowledge of troubleshooting is unchallenged, and his simple and logical techniques allow him to be an effective mentor to his younger brothers.

MARTIN - The Mechanical Magician - If it’s got an engine or moving parts Martin is sure to be able to shed some light on it, often using his trademark napkin diagrams, think of him as the human incarnation of ‘How It’s Made’. If a lift installation requires bespoke solutions Martin is your man, he combines intelligent solutions with millimetre precision and has perfected his methods over his 10 years as site supervisor and manager.

CRAIG - The Solutions Supremo - Having learnt and perfected his trade from his older brothers, Craig adds admin responsibilities to his belt. Combining his knowledge of lift installation with his expertise in running the business, Craig has been able to streamline the flow of information to and from the office allowing the whole company to run more efficiently. Although the youngest of the brothers, his knowledge of all aspects of the business means the student really has become the teacher.